Dental Insurance

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We can’t offer you an x-ray or help with a toothache, but we can make the bills a lot less painful.


Dental Care Plan:

  • $1,200 annual maximum per insured, combined for all coverages.
  • 85% Basic / Preventative Services, includes:
    • Denture repairs, fillings, 2 oral exam, 2 units of scaling and/or root planning, and 4 units of dental facility fees for surgical removal of teeth per year.
  • 80% Minor Restorative, includes:
    • Endodontics / Periodontics.
    • 6 units of scaling and/or root planning per year.
  • 65% Major Restorative procedures – Must be pre-authorized by mail, and includes:
    • Crowns / Posts / Inlays / Onlays.
  • 50% Dentures / Implants:
    • Implants are eligible subject to an Alternate Treatment Clause maximum. 

Additional Information on Plans, Application Form and Insurance Certificates:

PDF icon Application for Extended Health Care and Dental Plans (PDF)

PDF icon Dental Care Certificate of Insurance (PDF)

PDF icon Plan Summary (PDF)

PDF icon Johnson Group Benefit Claims System Information (PDF)

PDF icon Request for Prior Authorization Form (PDF)

PDF icon Prior Authorization Fact Sheet and FAQ (PDF)


Dental coverage is more affordable than you think:

  • Coverage limits to keep your monthly costs within your budget.
  • Monthly premiums are tax deductible.

With great features:

  • No age limit.
  • Electronic submission of claims.
  • No interruption in your coverage when changing jobs.

Contact Johnson Inc.

Our preferred provider Johnson Inc. offers access to a range of insurance products selected just for you.

For answers to further coverage questions, please contact Johnson, toll free at: 1-877-989-2600 or email: [email protected].


 * Note: Policy year runs from April 1 – March 31, and calendar year runs from January 1 – December 31.


Johnson Inc. (Johnson) is a licensed insurance intermediary. Johnson provides administrative, consulting and/or claims administration/payment services. Insurance products are underwritten by various insurance providers. *Certain conditions, limitations, eligibility may apply. Policy wordings prevail.

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